Peacemaker Scores A Second Season

If you watched the debut season of HBO Max’s Peacemaker, you know James Gunn’s brilliantly deranged The Suicide Squad spinoff has managed to juggle an alien conspiracy plot, a kung fu revenge tale, an over-the-top family thriller and an occasionally heart-wrenching look at the complexities of family relationships and obligations.

Good news…The series has been renewed for a second season!

There is all sorts of speculation about what season two will focus on but one thing we know right now is that Gunn will be back, writing and directing all episodes of season two.

“Creating Peacemaker has been one of the true highlights of my life, both professionally and otherwise, with John Cena and the incredible creative team around me, as well as our partners at HBO Max,” he shared in today’s announcement. “To have something we all love so much be loved by the audience in turn has been a wonderful experience. I can’t wait for folks to see where Team Peacemaker goes in Season Two!”

Cena will be back, as well. “I am incredibly honored and humbled by the response to Peacemaker and the experience of playing this character,” he said. “Thank you to James Gunn, Peter Safran, HBO Max, the crew and my castmates who worked tirelessly to make this unforgettable series.”

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