“Somebody Feed Phil” Renewed For Season 6 At Netflix

“Somebody Feed Phil” has been renewed for Season 6 at Netflix ahead of its fifth season premiere.

The five-episode “Somebody Feed Phil” Season 5, which debuts May 25, was filmed back to back with Season 6, which also consists of five episodes.

“We filmed 10 episodes in the sweet spot between Delta and Omicron. Remember that? So from August to January, we pretty much filmed everything,” Rosenthal told Variety. “We only had to postpone one location because of Omicron, but we swapped in another one in the United States for that. And we’ll go back to [that other location eventually].”

For Season 5, episodes will feature Rosenthal heading to Oaxaca, Portland (Maine), Helsinki, Portland (Oregon) and Madrid.

 Rosenthal says Netflix is targeting a fall premiere for Season 6, though no official date has been set for those already taped episodes to be released.

The series has received two Emmy nominations and two Critics Choice Real TV Award nominations for Best Travel/Adventure Show, winning the category in 2020.

Reprinted from Variety: LINK

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