Legends From Throughout The Comic Book Industry Celebrate Spider-man’s 60th Anniversary In Amazing Fantasy #1000

This year marks 60 years of one of comic books’ greatest icons—Spider-man! Marvel Comics will celebrate this milestone anniversary with a special issue honoring the comic that started it all, Amazing Fantasy. Arriving in August, Amazing Fantasy #1000 will be a giant-sized one-shot brought together by some of the industry’s most acclaimed creators. The collection of stories will explores the past and future of Amazing Spider-Man storytelling in tales that leave a profound impact on the Spider-Man mythos and showcase why Spidey is one of the most beloved heroes in history!

Here’s just some of what fans can expect from this landmark issue:

– Visionary writer Neil Gaiman’s grand return to the Marvel Universe

– Emmy Award winning creator behind “Veep” and “Avenue 5” Armando Ianucci’s Marvel Comics debut

– Spider-Man mastermind Dan Slott and superstar artist Jim Cheung team up to explore the enduring love between Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in a story set in the far future

– Acclaimed artist Michael Cho and novelist Anthony Falcone introduce a new Spider-Man villain

– Ho Che Anderson crafts a horror-fueled Spidey adventure that cuts to Peter Parker’s core

– Plus stories by Rainbow Rowell, Jonathan Hickman, and many more!

Join the industry’s top talent in celebrating Spider-Man’s birthday when Amazing Fantasy #1000 arrives in August.

Cover by J. Scott Campbell

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