He’s Back! Phil Rosenthal of ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ On His New Netflix Season, Starting May 25

When Phil Rosenthal — creator, host and spirited funnyman of the award-winning Netflix travel-food show Somebody Feed Phil — smiles, which he does much of the time, his lips curve into the shape of a heart. Well, not a fully rounded classic heart. Rather, his mouth forms a sweet uplifted stretch of a heart. His typical facial expression — looking a little wonderstruck, a lot joyful — reflects Rosenthal’s persona: positive, ebullient, curious, caring and quick-witted.

Rosenthal is beloved by legions of fans who are cheered by his gung-ho humor and inquisitive quest for the best. So this fifth season of Somebody Feed Phil, which premieres May 25 on Netflix, has been highly anticipated. It showcases five distinctive destinations, each with unique culinary twists: Oaxaca (Mexico), Maine, Helsinki (Finland), Portland (Oregon) and Madrid (Spain).

These illuminating episodes brim with vibrant scenery, kitchen hocus-pocus, cultural zest and fascinating back-stories. Foodie mavens galore guide Rosenthal to scrumptious finds along the way. His gastronomic global gallops are sure to be one of this year’s most nurturing comfort-TV finds.

Laura Manske from Forbes sat down to dish up warm conversation with Rosenthal, who would never describe himself as a cool guy, although he is. His humility and self-deprecating humor will not allow him that indulgence.

Yet his successful TV track record shines, confirming a well-earned spotlight. Rosenthal was creator, writer and showrunner/executive producer of the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, starring comedian Ray Romano, which ran for nine seasons on CBS. Now, Rosenthal is busy again (“the way I like it,” he affirms) heaping new projects on his plate.

In addition to Somebody Feed Phil, there is a spin-off book in the making with more than 60 recipes from the show, as well as behind-the-scenes photos and lively anecdotes that will be published by Simon & Schuster in October.

Rosenthal’s Naked Lunch podcast is also new, launched this month with pal and music journalist David Wild. Find it on Stitcher, SiriusXM’s mobile app, Pandora and all major podcast listening platforms. Entertaining guests are lined up: Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Brad Paisley, Elaine May, Jimmy Kimmel, Nancy Silverton, Paul Reiser and Roy Choi, for starters.

Read the Forbes interview HERE.

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