Oreo Announces Collaboration With Ritz Crackers

When it comes to snacking, there are two major categories that people often have decide between, salty and sweet and oftentimes it’s a combination of those two flavor profiles that are what people crave. For years, many snack fans have been satisfying that craving by pairing two beloved favorites ā€” Ritz crackers and Oreo cookies. Now, Ritz and Oreo are making that combo official for a limited time. Mondelez, the company behind both iconic brands has announced the first-of-its-kind Ritz x Oreo collaboration.

On Thursday, May 26th at 12pm ET, Mondelez is launching the mashup that is quite literally one part Ritz and one part Oreo with layers of peanut butter flavored creme and Oreo creme in the middle. But this isn’t an ordinary launch. The Ritz X Oreo collaboration is a very limited edition that will be available at the aforementioned time at OREO.com/RITZ where fans who act fast can get one free pack of the treat ā€” they only have to pay $3.95 for shipping. Given that this mashup has been a long-demanded one, it’s likely they will go very fast.

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