Mattel Creations Jurassic Park Chaos Theory Dr. Ian Malcolm Figure

Open God Creates Dinosaurs by Dr. Ian Malcolm to find the famous Jurassic Park scene that’s been memed into a social phenomenon.

After he risks his life to save the kids and is attacked by a T.Rex, our favorite Chaos Theory mathematician lays wounded here with a glistening bare chest as shiny as the high-quality resin he’s made of.

He speaks, too. And there’s mood lighting to really set the scene.

– Jurassic Park Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), Unbuttoned Scene
– Open the “book” to find a diorama of this iconic Jurassic Park memory
– 3.75-inch Dr. Ian Malcolm collector figure
– He’s removable with 16 articulation points
– Press the button for 8 of his best lines from the original Jurassic Park film
– Take it over the top with multiple mood lighting settings

Pre-order HERE for $25. This item will ship on or before October 7, 2022.

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