Spider-Man Turns 60 Years Old This Month. Fans Share Some of Their Favorite Spidey Adventures.

This year several Marvel heroes are turning 60: While the Hulk (March) may be incredible, Thor (this month) mighty and Iron Man (December) invincible, the amazing Spider-Man was one of the first Marvel heroes to seep into the public’s consciousness.

Spidey, as he is popularly known, made his comic book debut on June 5, 1962, and his story was quickly spun into cartoons and live-action television. Before he became a movie-franchise fixture, he was in segments of “The Electric Company” and had his own prime-time series, 1977-79, starring Nicholas Hammond. The wallcrawler has even inspired a somewhat troubled Broadway musical.

In honor of his 60th birthday,The New York Times asked fans to recommend their favorite stories. Dan Slott, who wrote Spider-Man for 10 years, playfully recommended one of his own: “They should start with Superior Spider-Man and stop right before Peter gets his body back. The End.”

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