Victorinox Replica 1897 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife

The original Swiss icon synonymous with intrepid adventure is back. Meet Replica 1897 Limited Edition, a collector’s blade of undeniable exclusivity.

Created to celebrate the 125-year anniversary of the original Swiss Army Knife, this covetable design is set to cause a stir.

Decked out in red retro glory, it features vulcanized fiber scales and the iconic embossing of Elsener Schwyz on the large blade.

Key Features:

– Collector’s piece specially designed to celebrate the 125-year anniversary of the Swiss Army Knife

– Swiss made pocket knife with six functions, recreating the design aesthetic of the original 1897 Swiss Army Knife

– Tools: Reamer, Punch, Can Opener, Small Blade, Large Blade, Corkscrew, Screwdriver (5 mm)

– Limited edition run of just 9,999 pieces worldwide, all featuring their own sequential numbering and the year 1897

Order HERE for $500.

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