Lightyear 0 — The World’s First Solar Car

Lightyear 0 is like no other car. It’s solar electric. The very first production vehicle of its kind. 

Watch the moment Lightyear 0 made automotive history, as six years of technical innovation came to a crescendo on the global stage. 

They showcase the car’s revolutionary capabilities, final design and unique specifications. Learn about the core Lightyear technologies that make it unique — a front-runner in efficiency — as they outline the company’s roots, mission and strategy.

The Lightyear 0 will cost €250,000 (which amounts to roughly $263,262 USD), and the company only plans on making 946 units. But a more reasonably-priced vehicle is on the way. Lightyear recently also unveiled a prototype of a $33,000 solar-powered car, which is scheduled to go into production by 2025.

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