4 Rides At Disney World Based On Disney Movies

The Walt Disney Parks are known for the constantly evolving rides that set them apart from other amusement parks in the fact they are based on movies from the Disney franchise. From rides based on classic movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to newer additions like the Star Wars franchise, Disney World is constantly updating its parks and has no shortage of rides based on their beloved films. Whether you’re a parent planning your child’s first Disney trip or work for Key Interiors and are planning to take time off for a trip, Disney World vacations are always a great option! For anyone planning a trip to Disney this summer, here are 4 of the best rides that are based on popular Disney movies.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures

This Walt Disney World favorite is a classic dark ride that takes riders through scenery based on the classic film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The ride surely lives up to its name, with many young riders complaining that the ride is terrifying due to its dark rooms, loud noises, and scary imagery. It is definitely worth checking out, especially for older riders who want a little bit of something creepy in the middle of the otherwise chipper Magic Kingdom. 

Pirates of the Caribbean

This is actually a rare case in which the ride came first, and the movie followed suit. This classic ride was opened in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square and was met with acclaim from visitors before the Disney franchise produced a film of the same title. The movie, starring A-listers like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, was met with critical acclaim and record-breaking success, ultimately turning it into an iconic franchise. The ride is a bit less exciting than the movies turned out to be, ultimately focusing on elements of the first film while sending riders through a mostly calm dark ride on an open-air boat. 

Peter Pan’s Flight

A classic that has been at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for decades, this is a classic dark ride with a twist – riders are made to feel like they are flying, with the ride’s track being attached to the ceiling instead of the floor. With familiar characters like Tinkerbell and Captain Hook, Peter Pan’s Flight gives Disney fans a feeling of nostalgia for a favorite classic film while serving as a place to relax and enjoy the ride amidst a busy day at the park. 


This ride is related to the lesser-known, early 2000’s film of the same name. Although many visitors to the park might not be familiar with the film, they sure do enjoy this ride, with it is one of the most popular attractions at Disney World’s Animal Kingdom Park. Riders are given a time-traveling mission before being whisked away in a car which is closely followed by fairly realistic – and terrifying – animatronic dinosaurs. 

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