The Best Sandwich In Every State

Reader’s Digest teamed up with Taste of Home and their collective readers to find the 50 greatest ways to fill two slices of bread.

There’s a sandwich out there for everyone: panini, sub, grilled cheese, BLT—you name it! As a crowd favorite, this lunch staple has been perfected to an art form.

When it comes to food across the country, each state has its own specialties. We have evaluated them all, from the best coffee shops and the best pizzerias to the most popular foods, and now we’re serving you the best sandwich in every state. Make sure to file this away before your next road trip.

Check out the list HERE.

Here is the most popular sandwich in my state, what about yours?

California – The French Dip

Two Los Angeles eateries, Philippe’s and Cole’s, each claim to be the birthplace of this baguette sandwich with roast beef. The whole shebang then gets dunked in the beef’s jus (French for gravy). 

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