Pringles Started A Petition To Rename This Lookalike Spider

One look at this incredible spider and it hits you – that spider looks just like the Pringles logo. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it – the slanted hairline, the beady eyes and even that signature ‘stache – the resemblance is unCANny.

Pringles can’t simply sit back and do nothing when there is something in the wild this wild – this natural phenomenon must be addressed. That’s why Pringles wants to put this little-known Kidney Garden Spider on the map and officially recognize it forevermore as the Pringles Spider.

To make it happen, Pringles is rallying fans to sign its petition to the arachnid community to get this 8-legged wonder officially recognized as the Pringles Spider in all its Pringles-parading glory. If efforts are officially recognized by the arachnid community, Pringles will even give away free Pringles to celebrate the recognition and making snack and spider history.

Craving more spider fun? Pringles is letting fans “adopt” their very own virtual Pringles Spider. See details on how to get yours at

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