5 Reasons Why Nicotine Pouches Are Gaining Popularity

Considering the FDA’s recent ban on Juul vaping and e-cigarette products, and with the growing awareness about how smoke inhalation causes numerous health conditions, smokers are searching for other ways to satisfy nicotine cravings and possibly quit the smoking once and for all.

Some options for smokers include developing new habits, such as chewing gum like Quip Gum to help relieve stress, or using specific nicotine replacement therapy options like NicoDerm nicotine patches. There’s also a new, alternative nicotine replacement product to be aware of in the form of nicotine pouches. Here’s a look at what nicotine pouches are, and why they’re gaining popularity.

1. Nicotine Pouches Are The New Trend

It was only in 2016 when nicotine pouches hit the U.S. market and they’ve caused quite a stir since. Data from JAMA reveals that nicotine sales in the U.S. from March 2016 to June 2020 increased from approximately $710,000 to $217,000,000.

It’s obvious that nicotine pouches have caught on as one of the popular alternatives to smoking tobacco, but not every smoker is aware of their existence. A report by BMJ stated that only 29.2% of adults who smoked had seen or heard about nicotine pouches. The same report revealed that 16.8% of those who are aware of nicotine pouches were interested in using them, which shows that there’s potential for nicotine pouches to grow even more as they become widely adopted.

2. Nicotine Pouches Can Help Smokers Wean Off Tobacco

With more smoke products getting restricted, nicotine pouches are an ideal alternative for many reasons. They don’t require being lit up or inhaled, and thus don’t harm the lungs with smoke or aerosols. Despite this, users can still get a nicotine hit when and wherever they want. Prilla demonstrates how pouches come in many different strengths that the user can choose from – ranging from 4mg to 12mg. Extra strong pouches are generally the bestsellers in the American market because the nicotine hit from these pouches are similar to the hit from cigarettes, minus the smoke. Nicotine pouches can thus help all smokers with varying levels of nicotine dependence wean off of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

3. Nicotine Pouches Are Discreet To Use

Nicotine pouches are tiny tea bag like sacks that are placed under the upper lip. They’re small, so they conveniently fit in a pocket and can be brought anywhere – even to work or to a restaurant. Plus, they’re easy to use discreetly in public. This is important because all smokers are aware of the negative stigma received while smoking in public places – pouches avoid this stigma and still provide a nicotine buzz.

4. Nicotine Pouches Come In A Variety of Flavors

Besides coming in different strengths, nicotine pouches also come in a variety of flavors users can choose from. For the fruit lovers, there is berry, apple, and mango. For those that prefer a refreshing taste, there is spearmint, menthol and wintergreen. And for those that like “other” flavors, there’s cinnamon, coffee, and even unflavored pouches. The many flavors add to the fun of trying out pouches for the first time.

5. Nicotine Pouches Are Sold Under Different Brands

In the first and second quarter of 2021, nicotine pouches accounted for 91% of sales in the modern oral nicotine category. This is probably the reason why more places have stocked their shelves with such items. CSP Daily has noted how the market for modern oral nicotine products is dominated by big companies like ZYN, Velo, and Rogue. With the different brands, there is an ample supply for the increasing nicotine pouch demand.

As the world transitions away from products that involve smoke inhalation, this doesn’t mean that the nicotine that users enjoy will be going away, too. Thankfully, there are modern forms of nicotine products that are becoming widely accepted and readily available. Try nicotine pouches for yourself and see how you find it and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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