Jurassic World Hammond Collection Outhouse Chaos Set

Released as part of Mattel’s “12 Days of Fandom” event celebrating San Diego Comic Con, the Jurassic World Hammond Collection Outhouse Chaos Set immortalizes the last moments of hapless lawyer Donald Gennaro’s life.

Dispatched to investigate John Hammond’s grand dream by the park’s investors, Gennaro ends up having an up close and personal encounter with the star attraction — the T. rex — and doesn’t live to tell the tale.

Mattel is finally giving Donald Gennaro his due with a lovingly detailed set that includes a 3.75-inch scale figure of the doomed lawyer. The outhouse where he unsuccessfully tries to hide from the T. rex has also been carefully recreated, coming complete with a toilet base and cardboard exterior.

The deluxe Tyrannosaurus figure boasts enhanced articulation as well as stretchable jaw tendons and a posable tongue. The specially-created rain-splattered look also makes it distinct from Mattel’s previously released T. rex figures. There’s even movie-specific sound effects and cues of flashing lights.

Mattel’s Jurassic World Hammond Collection Outhouse Chaos Set is available July 11 online and at San Diego Comic Con July 21-24. (Booth #3029 and #2945)

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