Alternate Universe Stephen King Book Covers Poster By François Vaillancourt

Bev Vincent recently wrote an essay that detailed the history of fourteen Stephen King books that weren’t published under their original titles, and this essay called “What’s In a Name?” was published as a beautiful chapbook, which is out of print and selling for crazy amounts on eBay, if you can even find one.

This chapbook included artist François Vaillancourt’s creative vision of what ALL fourteen book covers might have looked like if they had been published with their original names.

These “alternate universe Stephen King covers” were such a hit with fans that François Vaillancourt has produced a beautiful Limited Edition poster witH all fourteen of his imagined Stephen King covers collected together in one place.

The poster measures 20×30, will be signed by François, and is limited to just 100 copies. The price is $120, which includes shipping in the US and Canada.

The payment will be done with PayPal and the shipping by Canada Post, and François should have the posters and mailing tubes by the end of July.

To order, please send François Vaillancourt an email at and he will reply with the information he needs to get your order placed.

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