How To Get Your Album Cover Photo Shot Right The First Time

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One of the easiest ways to get your album cover photoshoot right the first time is to call in the help of the experts. However, if you are trying to create something magical and funds are tight, you are going to want to do as much of the work as you can yourself.

1. Location

You must get the location right for the kind of feeling that you want to get across to your fans, whether you are wanting to go out on location or use a studio with a backdrop as your main source of the landscape.

Sourcing the perfect location can be done quite easily with the help of the internet and the sheer number of pictures posted on it, most with details of their locations attached.

2. Equipment

Regardless of whether you are carrying out a live shoot, are in a studio, or playing on some computer software, it is important to have the right tech at hand to give your album cover a professional feel. If you are having a photo session on location, you may want to have a professional photographer take the shot as they will know exactly what they are doing, and as long as you talk them through what you want, will get you the best shot possible.

If you are hiring a studio, it is likely that they will also provide (for hire) all the equipment that you will require to get your perfect photo as buying the things you need can be expensive, even for a beginner. In fact, all you will have to think about are the props and any people that you want in the shot.

3. Props

If you are wanting truck loads of props for your photo shoot, you are going to have to work out some transportation, and if you are hiring a studio, you will also have to keep in mind who will be doing the lifting and carrying, especially if the studio is not on the ground floor or does not have a loading bay nearby. 

However, if you are shooting on location, it is unlikely that you are going to be faced with the trauma of carrying heaps of stuff up stairwells. Of course, if you are out in the open air, you will not have difficulty in even having a vehicle such as your motorcycle as a prop, which you would not be able to have on the first, second, or higher floor of a studio. 

Getting props delivered on location is far easier too as there are specialist shippers that deal with items such as motorcycle transport, and you may find that you pay less to move your motorcycle to your desired location than you think.

Final Thoughts

There are pros and cons to going to a studio and carrying out a photo shoot on location. The most important thing is that you get your album cover looking how you want it to look. Although there have not been many fans that have been put off by the way an album looks, there have been many new fans created because they liked the look of an album before even hearing it. 

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