3 Business Simulation Games To Play This Month

Business simulation video games allow players to experience what it is like to run a business (for better or worse). These games are fun to play, and can also help players to develop business skills that can actually be applied to real life. Business simulation games might not cover all aspects of running a business such as employee development training from hsi.com, but they do give players a unique opportunity to experience the ups and downs of running a company in a consequence free environment. If this sounds appealing to you, here are a few of the best business simulation games on the market that you can start playing today. 

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital puts players in the position of an administrative role at a major hospital. 

Players must build and oversee operations of a hospital, treating patients and training staff.

In addition to doing administrative work around the hospital, players must search for the cures to rare diseases and use them to treat patients. This is great for gamers who dream of someday being a doctor, or who are currently in medical school! Two Point Hospital is available on most major gaming consoles, including XBox and Nintendo Switch. 

RollerCoaster Tycoon

One of the most popular business simulators of all time is also one of the most fun. RollerCoaster Tycoon puts players in charge of running an amusement park. Build rides, test coasters, interact with guests, and oversee staff operations, among other responsibilities. Players hail building coasters as one of this game’s most enjoyable features, and as what has made RollerCoaster Tycoon one of the most popular video games of the last two decades. This game was originally released in the 1990’s and is now available in nine updated versions, on both PC and gaming platforms such as Steam and Origin. 

Job Simulator

The name of this game explains it all. Job Simulator allows players to experience life across several different career fields, playing as a desk worker, a chef, a store clerk, and more. Each job comes along with a different set of tasks and responsibilities, set in a future world where robots have taken over the job market and replaced humans in all paid positions. This is a great game for players looking to get a taste of what it is like to work in various positions across different fields, and is available online and on all major gaming consoles. 

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