Top Retro Online Slots Games That Have Gained Popularity

Online casino enthusiasts instinctively prefer new games, but the classic titles are still popular. If you wonder which are the top retro online slot games of all time and want to play them at website, you should definitely start with these five. These games use the latest technologies and can be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets, but they capture the very essence of the classics. You hit two birds with one stone and can feel like an old-school player while enjoying the thrills of modern slots.

Western Belles

One of the classic games for those who appreciate the excitement of Wild West-themed slots, Western Belles is available at many casinos. The symbols populating the reels evoke memories of the untamed American West, with a high return to player. The gold rush has never been more exciting and the game has free spins and special features that are guaranteed to spice things up for anyone playing.


Crime pays if you decide to spin the reels of this game with massive progressive jackpots. Your safe cracking attempts are lavishly rewarded if you hit the winning combination, but every round is exciting. The sound effects are immersive and quickly get players in the mood, with a medium variance and high potential winnings. The prospect of hitting the jackpot when expected is also alluring.

Wonder Woman

Superhero theme movies have gained a lot of traction in recent years and their success spilled over to slots. There are many games that you can consider nowadays, but Wonder Woman is one of the finest choices if you enjoy retro games. The DC universe is darker than what Marvel envisioned, which is perfectly fine if you want to play a game that brings back memories of the ages.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

The name of this slot machine speaks for itself and it is an excellent match for punters who want to try a game that is shrouded in mystery. Inspired by Hollywood blockbusters, it scores high marks in terms of visuals and sound effects, but it also has solid game mechanics. The return to the player is high and the profits made from free spins keep players hungry for more.

Jackpot 6000

We have saved the best for last and Jackpot 6000 is the game that you should definitely play if you enjoy the retro theme slots. This is a high-paying game with a very simple theme and somewhat dated graphics, but this is all intentional. You will feel like sitting in front of a slot machine from the 80s, with sound effects that are perfectly in sync with a theme and quickly grows on players.

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