Watch The Spirit Halloween: The Movie Teaser Trailer

Strike Back Studios has released the teaser trailer for its upcoming horror film, Spirit Halloween: The Movie.

The trailer chronicles a group of boys, played by Donovan Colan, Dylan Martin Frankel and Jaiden J. Smith, who decide to spend a night at an abandoned Spirit Halloween store, only to find out that its products and animatronic creatures have come alive and set out to haunt them. The boys, along with Kate, played by Marissa Reyes, must work to defeat the spirit trapped inside the store before midnight, or it will possess one of them for all of eternity.

“Spirit Halloween: The Movie” stars Christopher Lloyd in the role of Alec Windsor, a deceased man whose spirit possesses everything in the abandoned store and terrorizes the group of kids. Rachael Leigh Cook also stars as one of the boys’ mom, Sue, who remarried after her husband recently passed

The film is directed by David Poag and written by Billie Bates. It will be available on-demand October 11. 

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