Introducing The REI Co-Op Special Edition Basecamp Camper

Airstream and REI have teamed up to deliver a fully-equipped Basecamp camper that is adventure-ready, inside and out!

Pulling from REI’s extensive catalog of outdoor gear, the camper features a composting toilet, recirculating water heater, and a UV-LED water filtration system. An optional upgrade adds 360 watts of solar power thanks to flexible Merlin solar panels and a 200Ah lithium battery. 

The interior retains the familiar Basecamp layout, but adds interior coverings made of recycled materials and an outdoor shower that doesn’t fill the septic tank. Every REI-edition Basecamp comes with a 25-piece REI kit stocked with camping essentials like chairs, packs, and more.

The REI Co-op Special Edition is focused on sustainable features and materials that inspire explorers to discover more ways to camp beyond the traditional definition.

Airstream lets you adventure in style and REI Co-op gears you up for active days and starry nights.

The 2023 REI Special Edition has a starting price of $52,900.

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