Adult Cartoons That Are Surprisingly Emotional

A majority of adult cartoons are crude and exist only to make us laugh, but we’re not complaining. They’re hilarious! However, a select handful of them do much more than that. Some adult cartoons are actually surprisingly emotional, which acts as a twist and hits even harder when the content contradicts that.

These cartoons resonate with viewers on a much deeper level than their counterparts and are definitely worth a watch. So plop down on the couch, order take-out or a tasty meal from a service like Lean Kitchen Company, and get ready to catch some feels watching the funniest stuff on television.

Rick And Morty

Rick and Morty has become extremely popular in recent years, spawning a fanbase that is both toxic and loyal, propelling the show into the mainstream. The show relies heavily on improvised humor and wacky comedy while dipping its toe into a decent puddle of dark humor at the same time.

That being said, the show also has its moments of tenderness. Whether it’s dealing with serious topics like depression, love, loss, or the never ending passage of time. It’s crazy to think that the same show which has a dedicated bit that revolves around defecating on the floor while dancing can also make us teary-eyed the very next episode.

Bojack Horseman

Is he a horse or is he a man? Both? Regardless, Bojack Horseman is full of ridiculous shenanigans that involve humans and animals going about their lives together. You might think that a cartoon revolving around a washed-up horse actor would be silly, and it is, but is also one of, if not the most humanizing, realistic animated program today.

The show is constantly tackling issues like anxiety and depression.


With the recent announcement that Futurama would be returning for another season on Hulu, fans are more excited for their favorite sci-fi delivery crew to hit the screen once again. This show, like the others on this list, is utterly comical, both in its wit and manner of delivery, but it is also very heartwarming and sad.

One minute you’re crying tears of laughter as Bender cracks joke after joke, and the next you’re crying real tears as Fry learns that his dog waited for him to return for 1,000 years. 

Funny Yet Solemn

While these adult cartoons are surprisingly emotional at times, they are still predominantly comedies that are gut-bustlingly hilarious—it’s just nice to get real from time to time, too.

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