How To Make Activewear Fashionable

A major fashion trend that has surfaced in recent years is athleisure, which is essentially categorized as activewear that can be worn both in and out of the gym. While wearing activewear to exercise makes sense, wearing athletic clothing on a day-to-day basis can serve many purposes, in addition to adding general comfort to your life. Wearing leggings to work will make for a more comfortable day at the office, and will make it convenient for you to swing by the gym for a workout on your way home!

The popularity of trendy athleisure has proven that activewear does not just need to be functional; it can also be stylish. Whether you are going out with friends, taking a shooting class at Outdoor Solutions, or just running errands, the right athletic wear can help you look good even while you break a sweat. Here are some tips for styling athletic wear.

1. Accessorize

To make activewear look more fashionable instantly, add some jewelry. The right necklace or pair of hook earrings will dress up any athleisure look and make your outfit appear more put together. This can also include a pair of big sunglasses, a hat, or a bag. Make sure you are sticking to an overall sporty or casual look; opt for a baseball cap or backpack over a sunhat and designer purse.

2. Mix and Match

Adding a few pieces such as jeans or a jacket to athletic wear can instantly dress it up and make it more appropriate for numerous occasions outside of the gym. If you are wearing leggings, try throwing on a leather jacket for a cool, sleek look. If you are wearing a comfortable top and sports bra, try a pair of comfortable jeans. Mixing functionality with fashion is the key to success. 

3. Style With Shoes

The shoes you decide to wear can be the determining factor of whether or not any look is fashionable; this is especially true when styling an athleisure look. While a crucial element of athleisure is often wearing sneakers, this is not a requirement for pulling a look together. While it is true that sneakers often look best with athletic or outerwear (and a cute, high-quality pair of sneakers from your favorite brand is a worthwhile investment), a casual look can be instantly dressed up or pulled together by switching out your sneakers for a good pair of boots or sandals. Just be sure to pack sneakers in your bag if you plan to hit the gym! 

No matter what your day brings, keeping your style casual with a few or more pieces of athletic wear will ensure you are ready for anything. These tips will help you pull together an athleisure look that is perfect for any occasion.

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