Check Out All of The Cool Easter Eggs In This Official D23 Expo Poster

Disney unveiled the official poster for the company’s D23 event, showcasing various franchises including Star Wars, Marvel and The Simpsons.

The image features a classic rendition of Mickey Mouse standing in front of the iconic Disney castle, which is surrounded by a ton of references to the company’s growing catalog. Eagle-eyed fans will be able to spot various Star Wars ships, including Boba Fett’s Firespray, Din Djarin’s modified N-1 Starfighter and an X-Wing, as well as Grogu floating above one of the towers. As for Marvel, the poster features Captain America’s shield in the top left, Spider-Man dangling from a portcullis and a Nova Corp. starship amongst several other nods.

The image also contains references to classic and new Disney characters. Maleficient towers above the showcase, while Winnie the Pooh floats from the comfort of his red balloon. Mulan and Elsa are on the tower to the left, which also happens to be balancing the Pixar ball.

Beginning on September 9, this poster will be available to Gold Members during the D23 Expo and they can pick it up at the D23 Ultimate Fan Lounge in Hall A.

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