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If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things,” there’s now a way you can feel like you’re part of the series. Ahead of the fifth and final season, fans are visiting Graduate Bloomington hotels, where the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, is brought to life with their Stranger Things Suite!

Guests immediately walk into the Byers’ living room, complete with ’80s nostalgia, where they are greeted with the famous Christmas lights and the alphabet wall Joyce (Winona Ryder) used to communicate with Will (Noah Schnapp) in “the Upside Down,” the same wallpaper, and the map for the Demogorgon.

“We really wanted to make locals and people from afar come to Graduate Bloomington to feel like you’re in the series,” said Lauren Davis, director of sales at Graduate Bloomington. “Lots of investigating to be able to figure out where to get identical pieces. A lot of guests that stay in this room actually say it feels like they’re on set because the wallpaper you’ll see is identical, the drawings and everything here, identical.”

The hotel’s design team covered every detail, including stacks of Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) favorite Eggo Waffles, a milk carton with Will’s photo, and the burned telephone.

“I think it’s the fact that you can quite literally hang out in this suite the whole time and never leave. You don’t go to many hotels where you don’t leave the room,” Davis said. “It’s cool how you can take pictures, listen to the cassette player, try on all the outfits, play the games in the other room and have fun and not have to leave.”

The adjoining room is in the Wheeler family basement, complete with Eleven’s fort, ’80s retro games, and the life-size Demogorgon over the bed.

Additional features include:

Keycards With Character

You might see some familiar faces on your keycards at check in. There are eleven character IDs, including Bob’s Radio Shack card, Hopper’s police badge, Steve’s Scoops Ahoy ID and more. Which one will you get?

80’s Everything

No detail was spared when creating these ‘80s inspired digs. You name it, this suite has it. 1984 Gremlin action figure? Check. Oversized walkie-talkies? Check. A retro board game collection? Check. They even threw in an Eleven-crushed Coke can for good measure.

Will’s Tunnel Map 

Graduate Hotels couldn’t recreate the Byers’ living room without Will’s tunnel map. How else would guests navigate the Upside Down below Hawkins? His crayon-drawn map stretches across the living room, ending at the Christmas lights and hand-painted alphabet. No word yet if any messages have come through via blinking bulbs.

Eleven’s Blanket Fort 

Back in season one, Eleven hunkered down in a blanket fort while hiding out in the Wheeler’s basement. And who could blame her? Let’s be honest…who doesn’t love a pillow fort!

Hopper’s Triple Decker Extravaganza

If you are hungry you can order Hopper’s iconic treat, available exclusively for suite guests. Layers of whipped cream sprinkled with jelly beans, chocolates and candy corn make this three-layer waffle tower a feast for the eyes (and the stomach).

If you’re not staying in the suite, they’re serving up a limited-time Stranger Things-inspired menu at Poindexter. Try the Upside Down burger!

Rates for the suite start at $299 per night. The package includes a polaroid camera and film, bicycles to ride around Bloomington, tickets to the local WonderLab science museum, and an Eggo Extravaganza. Book your stay and discover even more strange details for yourself.

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