Brandi Carlile To Hit IMAX Theaters On September 28th With Concert Livestreamed From Los Angeles

Brandi Carlile will simulcast a live concert, “Brandi Carlile: In the Canyon Haze — Live from Laurel Canyon,” to more than 100 IMAX screens on September 28.

The IMAX presentation will include a full performance of her “In the Canyon Daze” album, set to come out that same day. The forthcoming release is a full-on remake of her “In These Silent Days” album, which came out last October, this time arranged with more of an acoustic bent and the vintage Laurel Canyon sound in mind.

The one-time-only livestream will take place at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and go out to theaters nationally from an undisclosed location with a view overlooking Laurel Canyon. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

“I’ve made a terrifying and beautiful commitment to livestream a complete performance of my new project ‘In the Canyon Haze’ to IMAX theaters across the country,” Carlile said in a statement. “The music and harmonies are complex and lush… anything could happen. You will hear these songs like you’ve never heard them before and I expect that it’ll be one of the most potent and welcome challenges of my career to bring this to you in such stark detail. Live is live. Rock ‘n’ roll is a risk and I’m here for it!

“Together, with our incredibly talented director Sam Wrench,” she continued, “we hope to deliver an enhanced and intimate cinematic experience that hasn’t been attempted before. Along with my band and some very special guests, I’m going to be performing ‘In the Canyon Haze’ in its entirety, set against the fertile ground of Laurel Canyon and the music scene that inspired this reimagined album. … This is the one and only time I wish I was in the audience instead of on the stage.”

Reprinted from Variety: LINK

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