Dubai Will Soon Have A Resort Resembling The Moon

Dubai could have a $5 billion moon building in the form of destination resort from the Canadian architectural company and intellectual property licensor, Moon World Resorts Inc.

Proposed and co-founded by Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson, the resort is designed to be built in 48 months, and will have an overall height of 735 feet.

The resort’s lunar surface, surrounded by a “lunar colony,” is expected to enable 2.5 million guests, annually, to experience affordable space tourism on the ground in Dubai.

The resort’s focus is on leading edge architecture, engineering, design and technology. Moon will also accommodate a training platform for various space agencies and their respective astronauts.

Moon Dubai is also planning to incorporate boutique ‘Sky Villas’, which will be known as the private residence at moon, with the luxury units housed internally within the main superstructure disc buildings.

“Approximately 300 units will be available for purchase, with sky villa owners being members of a exclusive private members club at Moon,” Henderson said.

Guests visiting the Moon, could take advantage of a spa and wellness section, a nightclub, event centre, global meeting place, lounge and an in-house “moon shuttle,” of which details are yet to be revealed.

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