Paul Greengrass To Adapt And Direct Stephen King’s New Bestseller ‘Fairy Tale’

Paul Greengrass will adapt, direct and produce a feature adaptation of Fairy Tale, the bestselling novel by Stephen King that Scribner just published.

King is a fan of Greengrass’s films and has granted him the option — at the usual $1 against a healthy backend — for an epic tale that follows a 17-year-old boy who inherits the keys to a terrifying world where good and evil are at war. The stakes could not be higher, for that world and ours, as he journeys into the mythic roots of human storytelling. It is the world creation that King so excels at.

Paul Greengrass

The property will be shopped imminently and there should be no shortage of bidders as studios and streamers look for branded titles with global theatrical tentpole potential, especially in the skilled hands of a filmmaker like Greengrass.

Stephen King

Greengrass and Greg Goodman will produce the film. The author and the filmmaker confirmed the alliance.

“Needless to say, I’m a Paul Greengrass fan and think he’s a wonderful choice for this film,” said King.

Added Greengrass: “Fairy Tale is a work of genius. A classic adventure story and also a disturbing contemporary allegory,” Greengrass most recently directed the underrated 2020 film News of the World.

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