Kross Studio Introduces The Batman Watch Collector Set

The Batman Collector Set is composed of the The Batman Tourbillon watch and the Bat-Signal functional art piece.

Manufacture Caliber

KS’7001 is Kross Studio’s in-house mechanical hand-wound movement, equipped with an oversized barrel that can deliver a 5-day power reserve and is placed in the center of the movement

Bat-Signal-Shaped Tourbillon Cage

The miniature Bat-Signal’s louvered surface allows light to filter through and enables glimpses of the regulator below and makes one revolution per minute.

Ingenious Functionalities

A D-ring crown, found on the case back, and the “Time Set” push button, placed at 3 o’clock on the edge of the watch, maintain a low-profile to ensure a more comfortable wear than a conventional crown while also improving performance with a faster, easier winding and time-setting experience.

Functional Art Piece

A 12kg aluminum sculpture comes with The Batman Tourbillon. The Bat-Signal illuminates, further immersing the collector into the universe of Gotham City and “The Batman” and also conceals a dedicated space on his backside to safely store The Batman tourbillon or any other watch.

Pre-order the watch HERE for $102,000+.

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