Suntup Editions To Publish A Fine Press Edition of American Gods By Neil Gaiman.

Suntup Editions will be publishing a fine press edition of American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

In breaking with tradition, they are sharing this news early as a pre-announcement in order to gauge interest and ensure that they meet the demand for this popular title. They will also be opening a wait list for the Classic edition ($295).

Suntup Editions has been hard at work on this title for the past two years, and it is one of their most ambitious projects to date. It will be published in four states: Roman Numeral, Lettered, Numbered and Classic. All four editions of this 830+ page book will be printed letterpress on some of the finest papers.

Neil Gaiman

All copies will be signed by Neil Gaiman, as well as award-winning artist Yoann Lossel, who has created ten gorgeous illustrations. To make this the most complete edition of American Gods, it will also include Neil Gaiman’s sequel novellas The Monarch of the Glen and Black Dog.

An official announcement will be made at some point in late 2023 when the book is further into production, and pre-orders will be taken at that time.

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