How Comic Book Creators Are Looking to Help Homeless Veterans

The homelessness pandemic is a real problem that has impacted millions of people over the years. This issue is particularly concerning in veteran populations, where little support is often given to those who need it the most. However, some comic book creators with Image Comics are doing their part by releasing a limited edition copy of a much-anticipated new series that will raise money for homelessness and help veterans in this situation get the help that they need to stay happy and healthy.

Many Veterans Suffer Homelessness

Every day, a veteran experiences homelessness for the first time and struggles to feed themselves, care for their family members, or even wake up to face the day. This pandemic occurs for many reasons, including poor support for veterans after finishing their careers, as well as trauma-related issues. Unfortunately, homelessness is often a hard state for many people to escape from once they’ve hit it.

Geoff Johns

However, the creators of “Junkyard Joe,” including legendary writer Geoff Johns, have decided to do something to help. “Junkyard Joe” is a new comic in Johns’ “Unnamed Universe” series. This series includes a destructive world war that leaves behind little of humanity. While it might seem a strange place to make a point about homelessness, the team is using it as a fundraising opportunity.

The Special Limited Edition Release

Johns and his team are releasing the first edition of “Junkyard Joe” to a large fanbase that already loves the first comic in the “Unnamed Universe” series, “Geiger.” However, they have done one step further and are releasing a limited edition black-and-white comic at collectible prices.

The purpose of this release is to raise funds to support homeless veterans. They are sending the money earned through this gesture to a group that helps identify struggling veterans and finds places for them to live. These steps will help restore them to a happier and healthier life and minimize their suffering.

The team is taking these steps because they truly believe in supporting their community in any way possible. The funds raised could go a long way towards helping multiple veterans get a handle on their homelessness and move to a better place in life. But why are they taking such a selfless step?

Why The Creators are Taking These Steps

Many of the comic creators involved with “Junkyard Joe” have veterans in their life that they’ve seen struggle with similar problems. Furthermore, they have long supported such causes like these and have tried to give those struggling the help that they need. For example, Johns has many family members who served in the military, and helping out in this way makes him feel like their sacrifices were not in vain.

Gary Frank

In an interview, his fellow creator Gary Frank had this to say about the unique connection between their character and homeless veterans and how it inspired them to take this fundraising step. He not only highlighted the tight connection between Joe’s story and those of countless veterans but touched on the importance of small gestures and imagination as a way of giving back to the world:

“To me, It’s a story about finding, or being given, a place to be no matter who (or what) you are. It’s a very emotional story so it’s important that everyone in it feels real in an emotional way. That sounds odd, given that it stars a robot, but Joe could be any of us even though he looks like none of us. I think he offers a blank slate so, with a few small gestures, he can be made to emote with the reader’s imagination doing some of the lifting. I usually enjoy trying to create expressions, but this is a different challenge.”

Clearly, this topic is important to Frank, Johns, and other creators in the industry. The struggles their character, “Junkyard Joe” experiences in his long life are similar to those suffered by homeless veterans. While his story is fictional, the plight of these wounded warriors is all too real. This special black and white comic comes out in October and is available from many comic retailers throughout the nation. You can also purchase it directly from Image Comics if you’re interested.

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