Lucasfilm And Hasbro Reveal New Indiana Jones Figures And More

It’s a day that Lucasfilm, Hasbro, and Indy fans have been looking forward to for years. New Indiana Jones figures and more are on their way soon, and there’s lots to be excited about. From an iconic Adventure Series to a nostalgic Retro Collection, young and old alike will enjoy these new toy lines inspired by Indy’s first onscreen adventure, Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).

Members of Hasbro’s Star Wars team helped break the news today at the company’s Pulse Con 2022. They included manager of product design, Chris Reiff, who first saw Raiders of the Lost Ark as a child at the local drive-in movie theater. “I think as much as I wanted a lightsaber from Star Wars to be real, I knew it wasn’t going to happen,” he tells “But Indy! That was here! In our world. I wanted to hop in airplanes, fight bad guys, carry a whip, and I could…”

Reiff was also joined by director of global brand strategy and marketing, Patrick Schneider, who in addition to Indy’s theatrical adventures is also a big fan of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones on television. “I love seeing Indy’s character and personal history fleshed out,” he says. “I was a history major in college, and the show played a large role in sparking that interest. Most of my research papers were on characters from the television show, including Lawrence of Arabia, Charles de Gaulle, and Albert Schweitzer.”

In an exclusive interview with, both Reiff and Schneider shared more about these brand new Indiana Jones toys arriving in Spring 2023, including the Adventure Series with six new figures and accompanying “Build an Artifact” pieces, the Retro Collection Indiana Jones inspired by the vintage Kenner toy, and a premium roleplay toy of the headpiece of the Staff of Ra!

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Here are the toys revealed today at Hasbro’s Pulse Con 2022:

Adventure Series

Indiana Jones

Marion Ravenwood

René Belloq


Major Arnold Toht

The Indiana Jones Adventure Series Set: Each of the 5 characters comes with a piece of the Ark of The Covenant. Buy the complete set and build the ark!

Indiana Jones: Retro Collection

Indiana Jones Adventure Series Premium Artifacts Role Play: Staff of Ra 

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