Stephen King: A Necessary Evil Documentary To Premiere On MagellanTV On October 6

The bio-doc Stephen King: A Necessary Evil debuts Thursday, October 6 on MagellanTV, and the streamer is also making the film available to Non-Subscribers through Halloween.

The documentary details the historic career and cultural impact of legendary horror fiction novelist Stephen King.

Stephen King: A Necessary Evil will be available on MagellanTV to all, including non-subscribers, through Halloween. (Following October 31, only Magellan subscribers will have access)

Through extensive and rare archival footage – including King’s past interviews, guest lectures and book readings – and framed by scenes from his novels’ myriad feature film adaptations, Stephen King: A Necessary Evil chronicles the renowned author’s life from his modest upbringing in Maine through his meteoric rise in popular literature. The feature also sheds light on King’s little-known introspections, including his perspectives on mainstream versus “serious” literature and evaluations of his own book-to-screen adaptions over the years.

Stephen King: A Necessary Evil is directed by Julien Dupuy and produced by Arte France, Brainworks and Rockyrama. It was previously released in France and Germany.

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