Smart Ways To Save Extra Money

Saving money is never as easy as it sounds. In order to save money, sacrifices have to be made, and often times people are unwilling or unable to make those changes. However, they have to be made if you stand any chance of saving up extra money, regardless of what you intend on spending it on. 

Here are a few smart ways to save money without selling an arm or a leg. 

Manage Your Subscriptions

Can you count on one hand how many different subscription services you’re currently paying for? Chances are that you can’t. There are lots of different subscription services available today, such as the neverending streaming sites that continue to pop up around every corner. Back when Netflix was one of the sole operators of streaming services for television, it wasn’t so bad, but not that there are dozens to choose from, paying for all of them is nearly impossible.

Instead, manage your subscriptions by choosing one or two that you use the most often and stick with them, then ditch the rest until a new season of a show you enjoy comes back. The same mindset should be used for other subscriptions as well, whether it’s a food service like Hello Fresh, delivery services like Amazon Prime, music with Spotify Premium, video game services like Xbox Gamepass, or just about anything else. 

Keep the ones you truly need or enjoy, and make a sacrifice in getting rid of the rest.

Finish Your Leftovers

Going out to eat is fun, sociable, and lets you try lots of delicious new foods and restaurants. However, it can also get pretty expensive if you’re not watching your wallet. Do you find yourself going out every week? Twice a week? If so, you might need to seriously reconsider your eating habits for budget’s sake. The same goes for ordering food delivery or stopping for fast food on the way home from work.

Instead, force yourself to finish the leftovers that are waiting for you in the fridge. Are they going to be as good as a freshly made burger? Probably not, unless you’re a five-star chef, but if you want to save extra money, cutting back on how often you go out to eat or order in will help out quite a bit.

Create A Budget

Without a proper budget, you don’t stand much hope of saving up extra money and cutting corners. Every budget will look different depending on a person’s income, how many people they’re providing for, how much they intend to put into savings, and what sort of lifestyle they prefer to live. Creating a budget will help you stick to a money plan that allows you to live within your means while also ensuring that enough money is being saved up in the process. It can take some effort, but by sitting down and crunching the numbers, a budget may be just the thing you need to set yourself up for success.

Utilize Free Entertainment

Why would you go out and spend money on fun when you can do so for free? Nobody expects you to never spend money on entertainment, such as going out to see a musical, catching a movie, or buying a new video game, but with so many fun free options that won’t cost you a penny, there’s definitely some room for cutting back on your spending.

For instance, you could visit a local museum, catch some sun at the beach, or have a movie night at home with all your friends. If you enjoy playing video games, play one of the many you already have instead of dropping $60 on a new one. If you’ve got a hobby you enjoy, such as cooking, drawing, writing, playing sports, playing an instrument, or hiking along a train, go and do it! 

There are simply too many amazing free things to do to warrant spending a ton of money every weekend.


If you’ve yet to make any major investments, you need to jump on the opportunity as quickly as possible in order to maximize your returns. Investing is a responsible way to set money aside in order to build interest over time that you can use for anything and everything that comes your way, be that a vacation, needing to reverse a bunion with surgery, or simply putting money away for your child’s education.

But investing can be a daunting task for those that are unfamiliar with it. If you need assistance, it’s best to consult a financial advisor or similar professional so that you can sleep soundly knowing that your funds are being put to good use.

Try To Save Money Every Month

If you’re looking for some easy ways to save up a little extra money, whether that’s for a family vacation or a new car, these are some of the best methods for doing so.

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