Phil Rosenthal’s Mission Is To Bring People Together, One Bite At A Time

How did Phil Rosenthal go from Emmy-winning creator of Everybody Loves Raymond to a global food superstar with the Netflix reality series Somebody Feed Phil? 

“Everything I learned about how to tell a story on TV is now in the service of this show. Family, friends, food, travel, laughs. My whole existence seems to be dedicated to these five things.” But even Rosenthal admits the idea of him hosting a travel food show is wild. “This is the one line that actually sold the show, I said, ‘I’m exactly like Anthony Bourdain, if he was afraid of everything.'” Which sums up the frenetic charm of Rosenthal perfectly. “I thought if I’m gonna bang my head on the show business wall [after Raymond], why don’t I pick this spot on the wall that I would really, really be passionate about?” And now the popular reality series is a book by the same name. “I would never be pretentious enough to think I’m an expert in all this… There’s hardly any recipes from me in there. But I know where the chefs are. So the book is the collection of some of the best chefs in the world.”

Read the interview from Newsweek HERE.

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