Star Wars CBC X Loungefly The Mandalorian Jawa Light-Up Mini Backpack

The CBC x Loungefly Star Wars The Mandalorian Jawa Mini Backpack is made of soft burlap-style vegan leather (polyurethane), has adjustable padded shoulder straps, sturdy metal hardware, enamel Mudhorn Egg zipper charm, side pockets, and has embroidered, debossed, applique, and light-up details with a coordinating lining. 

Inside the pack and on the back is the Jawnese word, “Utinni” which means “Wow”. It was also the title of the song played by The Dusty Jawas, a band. The song was played in Oga’s Cantina by the DJ droid R-3X.

The Mandalorian Jawa Light-Up Mini Backpack is available for pre-order on October 21 at 5PM (PDT) for $95.

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