Actors Who Defined The 90’s

The world of movies is just something special. There is nothing quite like sitting down with a great movie and getting lost in the plot, whether you are watching one alone, with a group of friends, or with that special someone. This is why movies have been so popular for decades now, and no sign of this popularity dwindling. As a matter of fact, thanks to streaming services, the demand for top cinema has never been higher. People want blockbuster movies every week now. 

Of course, great movies are made by the great stars who portray the characters. Without these amazing acting performances, the film would have never reached its current popularity. For decades now, film fans have been blessed with actors and actresses who can make stories come to life and captivate audiences. When you look back at periods, there are going to be some actors that you just associate with certain eras. For example, the 90s were an amazing time in the world of TV and cinema. This is thanks to the following actors, who helped to define this decade as one of the best.  

Will Smith 

Will Smith is one of the most recognizable people on the planet. This is not for no reason, however. During the 90s, Will Smith showed he was one of the most talented people. He started off with a music career as a rapper. This then grew massively following his on-screen success. Will Smith became a superstar following his star role on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’. Since then, Smith has catapulted himself into an elite actor. Even recently, Smith is still putting out top films such as Focus. A movie that focuses on gambling and chance that might even make you want to check out online casino in the US to make your own bets. As well as this, Smith recently picked up his first Oscar for his performance in ‘King Richard’. 

Brad Pitt 

When it comes to blockbuster films, few have as many under their belt as Brad Pitt. Although he is still one of the biggest actors in the world, it appeared that every major release in the 90s starred Pitt. Films such as ‘Meet Joe Black’, ‘Seven’, and ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ were all fan favorites following their release. It was these films that helped to put Brad Pitt on the Hollywood map. 

Adam Sandler 

Comedy movies were massive in the 90s. After all, who doesn’t love a good laugh? Sometimes comedy on the big screen can be hard to get right. You have people with different senses of humor, and it can be hard for an actor to deliver funny lines on the screen. However, this was an issue that Adam Sandler did not have. It seemed to be that during the 90s, everything that Sandler touched turned to laughs. During the 90s, he starred in laugh-out-loud films such as ‘Happy Gilmore’, ‘Big Daddy’, and ‘Billy Madison’, which were all massive favorites among fans. 

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