Kevin Nealon Is Hiking And Laughing And Drawing

Kevin Nealon—the venerated standup and comedic actor seen in more than twenty movies, many written and produced by his friend Adam Sandler—never intended to start a YouTube talk show. “I was hiking with Matthew Modine in the summer of 2017,” Nealon said from his Bel Air home, in Los Angeles, not far from a series of narrow, dusty paths and pockmarked roads better suited to rented burro than foot. “We were going up a really steep incline. We were talking, so out of breath, we couldn’t understand each other. I thought it’d be a funny video clip. So I recorded it just holding my cell phone out. I posted it, and it got a good response. I thought: I should do this every week with a different friend who’s a celebrity.”

Perhaps it’s the quasi-fresh air. Or the possibility of being attacked by a mountain lion, which once nearly happened. Or the numerous passersby who ask, “Hey, is that who I think it is?” Whatever the case, “Hiking with Kevin,” with more than two hundred and fifty thousand subscribers, has become a welcome respite from the tightly scripted Q. & A.s that actors and comedians are forced to endure before live studio audiences or on podcasts with hosts far more interested in laughs than in learning anything from their guests. On the walks, no subject is off limits. Better yet, there’s rarely, if ever, a project to promote. It would be like an episode of “The Dick Cavett Show,” if both interviewer and subject sweated profusely and were constantly winded.

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On October 25th, Nealon published I Exaggerate: My Brushes with Fame,” a hardcover collection of more than fifty finely detailed, hyper-realistic caricatures of people whom Nealon has worked with (Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston, Tiffany Haddish) or admired from afar (Anthony Bourdain, Kurt Cobain, Humphrey Bogart).

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