CAMO 3-Dimensional Layered Artform – Reimagine Your Heroes In More Than Two Dimensions

One of the coolest booths I saw at 2022 Designer Con was CAMO which stands for Culture Art Music Originals.

Created by entrepreneur, Brad Beckerman, each 3-Dimensional Layered Artform ($495) is designed to capture the icon’s incandescent spirit in a layered form that can be viewed from multiple angles, and when viewed from the proper perspective, the image of the icon magically appears.

The exclusivity and limited production status of CAMO 3DLA guarantees that each piece will remain rare and collectible for years to come. 

Designed in California, CAMOWORKS creates collectible sculptures using hand-drawn, abstract shapes that are laser-cut and carefully arranged, so when viewed from the proper vantage point, they magically reveal a 3D representation of the Icon.

Each sculpture is finely crafted and assembled by hand, with premium materials, including laser-cut acrylic in an array of rich hues and finishes that create dimensionality. The manual 360 degree turntable base allows the viewer to interact and experience art like never before.

Each piece is finished with a numbered metal badge before being packaged in a thoughtfully constructed collector’s box.

From concept to production, all sculptures are authorized by the Icon or their estate. The current roster includes:

An abstract eye-catching 3D sculpture that rotates to become an instantly recognizable icon! It’s a work of art, a conversation piece, and a fully licensed collectible all rolled into one unique keepsake!

While CAMO’s catalog is predominantly made up of musicians, the future possibilities are endless…film actors, sports figures, comic book heroes/villains, cartoon characters, etc. could all eventually be made into gorgeous sculptures. 

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