Why Celebrities Are Now Wearing Huggie Earrings

Following current trends is a favorite pastime for many people. You might like to wear all the latest and greatest clothes from leading brands, or even pay attention to what celebrities are wearing so you can copy them. In recent months, you might have noticed that many celebrities now wear huggie earrings. While larger hoop earrings are still on trend, some celebs are now adding small hoops and huggies to their jewelry collections for some of the following reasons. 

Clean Lines

Traditional hoop earrings and huggie earrings have many things in common. They are both beautiful earrings that are within the price range of most jewelry shoppers. However, the seamlessness and clean lines of huggies far surpass those of traditional hoops. Rather than having a noticeable clasp that can be jarring against the smoothness of the earring, they typically have posts that integrate into the earring itself. It can almost seem like the earrings are never ending. 

No Earring Backs

We must contend with many frustrating fashion accessories, such as uncomfortable backpack straps and scratchy necklaces. However, earring backs have long been a point of contention for many fashionistas. If you purchase huggies, there’s one less thing to cause frustration. Huggies, like traditional hoops, don’t have earring backs. Instead, the earrings hold onto themselves to form a secure hold. You now no longer have to worry about getting your hair caught in an earring back or losing it and having your favorite pair of earrings become lost. 

Easy To Adjust

Some earrings just don’t sit quite right, and that can sometimes be the case with huggies. Unlike many other earring styles, you can gently adjust huggies without damaging them. You simply need to purchase needle-nose pliers and grasp the earring post with them while gently lifting it. Place a small piece of cloth on the post to avoid leaving marks. 

The gentle grasping motion can help lift the earring post up, which might make them easier to close. You might need to repeat the process to adjust them to your liking, but it can be a far preferred option over buying new earrings. 


Using a phone when you’re wearing earrings can be uncomfortable, especially when you’re wearing a particularly large pair of hoops or talking on your mobile device for an extended period. Sometimes, you end the call with your ears experiencing redness, soreness, and general irritation. 

While no earrings while talking on the phone is undoubtedly better than wearing earrings, huggies can be a far better option than larger, more cumbersome options. They are designed to ‘hug’ your ears, which means there is often less pressure and contact against external devices like phones. 

Plenty of Options

Celebrities and everyday people alike are starting to adore huggies for the wide range of styles available. When you’ve got spare money to spend on a treat for yourself, you can splurge on many different huggies options, such as diamond huggie hoops, emerald huggie hoops, and even baguette huggie hoops. The hardest part will be choosing just one pair. 

The next time you see a celebrity rocking a pair of huggle hoops, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. These benefits above are just a few of the many they get to enjoy while wearing them. 

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