Popular Music That Plays In Canadian Casinos

For many, it’s difficult to go through a single day without music. We are just used to hearing melodies in the background, whether we are working, training, or doing house chores. Basically, music makes everything better and more engaging. Casinos are well-aware of this effect, and it’s difficult to imagine playing casino games without a fitting soundtrack. In all honesty, it would be annoying and frustrating to be surrounded by the tumult that comes from slot machines.

But can a casino win over your heart simply by playing the right music? Highly unlikely. That’s why they use casino bonus offers that can attract all player types. It’s either a flat match on the deposit, or there are multiple offers that give free spins, free chips, or free rounds for specific games. These offers allow you to play casino games longer and even improve your odds of winning real money. Here we will talk about casino life hacks for using music. Specifically what music is played in Canadian casinos.   

Low-Tempo For Background

It’s worth pointing out that gambling companies want to attract a wide audience. As a result, there is a big difference in taste when it comes to music, and they add a bit of everything to the mix. Low-tempo is a perfect solution for the background noise as it is very neutral. 

Additionally, there are many games that require concentration. So, you don’t want the melody to feel distracting, as it can affect a player’s casino win rate. Operators aim to make users feel safe while they play casino games. They don’t want to come off as someone who is only after their earnings. That’s why prudent players opt for the pay by phone casino sites. They guarantee their real money is safe and delivered in a timely manner. 

Low-tempo background music is expected in all reputable establishments. This way, they can set themselves apart from run-of-the-mill gambling joints. Also, they will have other music genres in different rooms. It’s normal for poker tables to have a more silent atmosphere, whereas slot rooms will be filled with exciting and uplifting melodies. 

Lounge Music  

Another very common choice for a soundtrack is lounge music. It can be very soothing and calming, so it’s usually played in rooms with table games. Blackjack, baccarat, and roulette are low-house edge content, so sudden big wins are rare. A player is likely to spend more time at these tables, as their tempo is slow, and the lounge soundtrack is a perfect fit for this environment. Additionally, there are lots of songs from popular artists that fit into this category. So, it’s easy to hear a familiar tune.  

Rap and Hip Hop Music

Rap and hip-hop are common genres played in gambling institutions. After all the songs are about lush lifestyles and even about gambling, so they fit. The younger gamer community also loves rap and hip-hop artists, and that’s why gambling establishments don’t shy away from using this music to attract youth. Another way of attracting youth is by adding more video games that are modified to play as casino games. All in all, this is an ideal way to lift up the atmosphere and get guests excited to be there. 

It’s also worth pointing out that many hip-hop and rap artists are also brand ambassadors for casinos. Not only that but some of them also own these establishments. So, it’s possible that this music is an attempt to promote the upper management or that it is there to attract loyal fans. 

Smooth Jazz

It’s not uncommon to hear smooth jazz in rooms with table games. This genre can be very calming, and the absence of vocals allows players to focus on the action on the table. If you read casino tips, you know that blackjack requires immense focus, especially if you are trying to count the remaining cards in the shoe. Being calm and collected also means you are less likely to make reckless decisions. So, if an institution is promoting responsible gambling, then smooth jazz is a fitting choice. 

Live Music 

Many gambling resorts focus on different sides of hospitality. Their goal is to gather a big crowd and have live concerts in one way to do so. It’s also possible for this live performance to be limited to the VIP room. This way, gambling businesses can ensure their top spenders stay loyal to their brand. There isn’t really a specific genre. In this case, it’s really up to the artist, but typically, it will be pop, soft pop, or smooth jazz.

Rock and Metal 

Lots of gamers love this genre, and some popular brands even have them in their name. This is high-energy music, and it’s perfect for craps and slots. In fact, some slots are designed around a heavy metal theme. There are even slot games that are about popular bands and feature their music as a soundtrack. One could argue that this is more common to hear in online casinos than in land-based establishments. Much like rappers, some metal artists also love to gamble, and that’s why they are glad to be featured in gambling content. 


Music is a crucial component of the entertainment industry. Movies, video games, tv shows, and animation all require music to feel more realistic and to evoke certain emotions. Without it, we would have a silent hazard and far less entertaining content. Not just music but sound, in general, is an essential component. Getting the right sound takes a lot of work and fine-tuning, as it needs to blend seamlessly with the content.

Casinos care about their customers, and they want to provide them with memorable entertainment. It is why they are supporting artists and even creating live events for them. They also pick their background music carefully, as they don’t want it to interfere with the player’s focus.    

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