The Pee-Wee Herman Chia Pet Has Arrived For The Holidays!

Available exclusively online at and, let the fun begin with the brand-new Pee-wee Herman Chia Pet. Just get those seeds a-mixin’, to Pee-wee’s head you’ll be a-fixin’! Start the water flowin’ and soon the Chia will be a-growin’! As Pee-wee would say, the secret word of the day is “Ch-Ch-Chia!”

Handmade terracotta pottery planter comes with 1 packet of Chia seeds good for 3 plantings, convenient plastic drip tray and planting & care instructions. In just 1-2 weeks your Pee-wee Herman Chia Pet will achieve maximum fun growth. Chia Planters can be washed and replanted indefinitely.

Pee-wee fans will appreciate the attention to detail in this terracotta planter, which comes to life in days, and full growth in less than two weeks. Not only are Chias fun to do, growing a Chia Pet is an educational hands-on activity for kids and parents to do together.

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