7 Subtle Signs Someone Is Falling In Love

Have you been dating your crush from Black Tie Moving and you begin to wonder if they are falling in love with you? While it’s impossible to tell with certainty, there are some subtle signs that someone is falling in love with you.

Let’s get into it!

You Catch Them Looking

If you’re constantly catching your partner looking at you when they don’t think you notice, this could be a sign they are falling in love with you! We naturally like to look at what makes our hearts feel good. If you find your partner checking you out often, this is a great sign.

They Genuinely Care About Your Interests

Is your significant other always going out of their way to ask you about the things in life that really excite you? If someone deeply cares for you, they love to hear you talk about what makes you happy. If you’ve noticed your love interest always bringing up topics you enjoy, this could be a sign you’ve got their heart!

They Introduce You To Their Family

Meeting a new partner’s family can be nerve-racking. We get it! Yet, if your new boyfriend or girlfriend is bringing you home to meet the family, this is a good sign that things are going well for you two. If someone isn’t in love or at least falling, they wouldn’t want to bring their families into the mix.

They Talk About A Future

Does your partner drop subtle hints here and there that they are thinking of a future with you? It may be something as simple as talking about a concert the two of you can attend that is months away. Or it could be something bigger as in asking about where you would want to live and if you want children someday. If someone is talking about a future with you, this is a sign they are in love!

They Don’t Judge You

There’s no better feeling than being understood by someone. It’s important to have a safe space when it comes to your relationship. If you feel open to being vulnerable with your partner, this is an indicator that you don’t feel any judgment coming from them. While they could just be a compassionate person, it could also indicate they genuinely have love for you. 

You Can Just “Feel” It

Our intuition is more powerful than we even realize at times. Do you just “feel” when your partner looks at you that they are in love with you? If so, you can certainly take that as a good indication. After all, love is a feeling, so it would make sense that you feel it before you analyze it.

They’re Consistent

If you have a partner who shows up and is true to their word, this is incredibly important. Consistency creates that safe space in any relationship. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is someone you can trust to act on their words, this could be a subtle sign they love you enough to do so. While they could just be genuinely authentic, it’s a positive sign about the future of your relationship if they are so!

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