Event Marketing: Everything You Need To Know 

Event marketing is one of the best strategies that can be applied in all businesses. The benefit can be felt by all, from the organizers of events to sponsors, and also to enrich the insights of the participants. These activities can be a means to inspire each other, entertain, share knowledge, and unite participants from various circles in an interesting way.

What Is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is planning, organizing, and executing events to promote a company’s brand, service, or product.  As a form of marketing, event marketing can be held in various forms. Even more nowadays past the pandemic situation, the online event is also becoming a hit. And people realize that events can also be conducted successfully online, such as exhibitors, holding virtual conferences, webinars, and broadcasting live workshops.

Types of Event Marketing

In determining the type of event marketing you should utilize, companies can adjust to the industry, target audience, and budget.


Seminars or what are often called webinars if held online are events that focus on education and are attended by a group of people. Seminars last no more than one day and the event usually features presentations brought by speakers and facilitated by a moderator.


Workshops are similar to seminars, because they focus on sharing knowledge with participants. Workshops can be held online or in person. While not always promotional, workshop topics are usually tailored to the business being undertaken to remain relevant and make the company appear more credible in its field.


Conferences are large events that are usually organized by one large company and sponsored by other, smaller businesses. These events usually offer a dynamic agenda and can be filled with speakers, workshops, as well as various networking opportunities that are beneficial for B2B and B2C companies.

Premiere Launch

Inauguration of celebration events is often carried out by companies in the context of introducing new products or simply celebrating certain successes or achievements.  Some companies regularly hold annual parties to entertain customers or clients.

An Exhibition

Trade fairs or expositions are major events organized for certain types of industries or product types. Industrial product exhibitions provide companies with a valuable opportunity to showcase their products and services.  Events like these also usually generate significant, high-quality leads for the company.

Pop-Up Shop or Bazaar

A pop-up shop, also known as a bazaar, is a temporary sales space provided to companies to sell their products in a certain environment.  Almost the same as exhibition events, these activities are temporary and are only held for a period of a few days. Events like this also make it possible for digital brands to reach their target audience through physical stores that customers can access.

Benefits of Event Marketing

Event marketing can bring various benefits to the company.  Apart from helping to build a brand presence before, during, and after the event, event marketing also has the potential to generate promising prospects.

Opening Business Opportunities

Companies choose this form of marketing through event marketing because the events held will generate new business and revenue opportunities — most marketers believe that face-to-face events can have a major impact on achieving their business or company goals.  As an event organizer, the registration process will result in a list of people who are already interested in the product, or industry, or at least fall into the target audience demographic.  This data is a valuable asset for companies to carry out promotions or follow up on offers via email.

Strengthening Relationships With Customers

Many digital businesses today never meet face-to-face with their customers or clients.  Therefore, event marketing is very useful for building engagement with customers. In-person events provide attendees with a valuable opportunity to form connections in an increasingly digital world.

The interactions that occur at the event can also help build consumer loyalty to the brand as well as provide opportunities for companies to increase sales or carry out direct promotions.

Build Brand Awareness

Being an organizer or participating in an event is the main way for companies to build and develop their brand. Most event marketers say that the main reason for holding an event is to build brand awareness for their company or product.

There are a lot of ways you can build brand awareness while holding an event, one effective way is to put the company logo on a bottle of water that will be distributed to the participant of the event. You can buy wholesale water bottles and design them with your brand marketing collateral. Event marketing is the right step to remind the general public about the brand and products that you have.

This is all the general information that you should know about event marketing! Be sure to utilize event marketing shall your company need a boost on promotional strategy.

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