Loungefly x McDonald’s Collaboration

Loungefly is collaborating with McDonald’s on a new line of bags, wallets, backpacks, and more!

McDonalds Ronald McDonald Cosplay Mini Backpack – $80

Ronald McDonald’s signature yellow clown costume, with red tie, white collar trim, and red and white stripes on the side pockets, comes to life on this backpack. Appliqués, with the embroidered McDonald’s logo, add a nostalgic touch.

On the back, Ronald makes an encore appearance, along with Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie the Early Bird.

McDonalds Ronald McDonald and Friends Zip Around Wallet – $40

Ronald McDonald’s signature red and white stripes form the backdrop for a special gathering of McDonald’s characters, including Ronald McDonald, Hamburgler, Birdie the Early Bird, and Grimace.

Inside, you’ll find 5 slots for holding cards and 1 clear slot for displaying your ID.

McDonalds Happy Meal Mini Backpack – $80

This figural backpack, shaped like a McDonald’s Happy Meal box, is filled with fun details. The red brick vegan leather façade features a window view into the festivities and characters inside.

You’ll find Ronald McDonald passing by, with Hamburlgar looking through the window on the front. Side views include Grimace waving from inside, and the McDonald’s logo appears in the window on the other side.

On the back, Birdie the Early Bird waves, and plenty of Fry Guys are scattered about, ready for a celebration. A vegan leather zipper charm of a box of McNugget Buddies is shipped inside the backpack in a clear bag, like a Happy Meal, and can attach to the exterior of the bag. Of course, a Happy Meal backpack wouldn’t be complete without handles shaped like the McDonald’s signature logo.

McDonalds French Fries Card Holder – $25

This figural card holder takes on the shape of an order of McDonald’s French fries in their signature red pouch with the McDonald’s logo on the front.

A zipper pocket for coins provides extra convenience. On the back, you’ll find 4 slots for holding cards.

McDonalds French Fry Crossbody Bag – $60

This figural crossbody bag takes on the shape of an order of McDonald’s French fries in their signature red pouch with the McDonald’s logo on the front.

A zip-around opening leads to just the right amount of room inside to store anything you might need for the day. Appliqué details make these French fries appear to come to life, and on the back, you get a view of the fries sticking up from the back for the complete picture.

McDonalds Grimace Cosplay Crossbuddies Bag – $60

This fun accessory features Grimace whose features come alive in embroidered and appliqué detail.

His appliqué arms are a belted clasp that wrap around a detachable coin pouch with characters on each side.

Grimace’s arms can either hug a coin pouch displaying a Fry Guy on one side or the McNuggets Buddies on the other.

McDonalds Hamburglar Cosplay Mini Backpack – $90

Hamburglar comes to life in plenty of fun details. His appliqué face and hat pop up over the top, and he looks ready to sneak in a snack. An embroidered hamburger print tie dangles just below the front pocket, which displays the McDonald’s logo.

An enamel zipper charm tops off the look on the front pocket, and Hamburglar’s signature black-and-white stripes, which cover the front, extend to the side pockets. On the back, you’ll find a “Wanted” sign advertising a fitting reward for finding the Hamburglar. Act fast to collect this exclusive accessory; supplies are limited.

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