The Sandman: Morpheus Helm Masterpiece Edition

In The Sandman comics, the King of Dreams fashioned his helm from the skull and spine of a nameless god he’d slain and now, courtesy of DC Comics, comes The Sandman: Morpheus Helm Masterpiece Edition!

The set includes a resin replica helm that cannot be worn over the head but it does function as a bookend and display for a truly stunning-looking new six-volume set of Gaiman’s Sandman work, bound in minimalist black leather with the foil-embossed sigils of the Endless on their spines.

“These six volumes collect stories from the entire Sandman saga,” says DC’s official description, “including The Sandman #1-75, the comics and prose editions of The Sandman: The Dream Hunters, The Sandman: Endless Nights, and The Sandman: Overture.” The set also comes with a series of art prints from Michael Wm. Kaluta, who most recently drew the covers of DC’s The Sandman paperbacks.

The collection also includes a new Gaiman story set in the world of Dream!

This green variant of the set will only be available in direct market comics shops.

The Sandman: Morpheus Helm Masterpiece Edition will hit retail shelves on November 14, for the retail price of $500.

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