Ted Lasso Monopoly

Introducing MONOPOLY: Ted Lasso, a brand-new release from USAOPOLY that celebrates the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award-winning comedy series where fans can believe in Believe! 

Buy, sell, and trade properties like Nelson Road Stadium, The Owner’s Box, and Kelly’s Flat, while advancing or gaining riches with Lasso-inspired Believe (Community Chest) cards and Smells Like Potential (Chance) cards. 

Customized tokens include some of the most memorable symbols from the show such as Ted’s visor, a goldfish (aka the happiest animal in the world), a box of those famous little biscuits, and more. 

Rally the team for a night of optimism, determination and laughs with MONOPOLY: Ted Lasso.

Don’t miss WBshop.com’s exclusive pre-order of the official Ted Lasso Monopoly game! 

Order HERE for $44.99.

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