Watch Let Me Go (The Right Way), A Short Film Directed By Steven Spielberg’s Daughter And Written By Stephen King’s Son

Let Me Go (The Right Way), the psychological horror short film, premiered on ALTER’s You Tube channel today.

The story of Let Me Go (The Right Way) follows a young veteran whose trauma from his experiences is causing his reality to slowly be pulled apart. When he decides to go to a psychiatrist for help, it seems that the problems grow even larger as the man that he is meant to trust might not be the tether to reality he needed.

Destry Allyn Spielberg & Owen King

Let Me Go (The Right Way) was directed by Destry Allyn Spielberg, Steven Spielberg’s daughter and was written and produced by Stephen King’s son, Owen King. The leading man in the film, Hopper Penn is the son of Sean Penn and Robin Wright.

Enjoy the 15 minute film below!

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