NASA Artemis III Spacesuit

NASA has unveiled the spacesuit astronauts will wear during the Artemis III mission. Built in collaboration with Axiom Space, the advanced gear will outfit moonwalkers, including the first woman to walk on the Moon, as they explore the lunar surface in 2025. 

The spacesuit is built with enhanced flexibility and protection to withstand the harsh environment while supporting crew members as they roam the lunar landscape. 

While the final suit must be white to reflect heat and protect astronauts from extreme high temperatures, this prototype features a dark gray cover layer designed by Esther Marquis from the Apple TV+ series For All Mankind” to conceal the suit’s proprietary design.

Artemis III will land astronauts, including the first woman, on the Moon to advance long-term lunar exploration and scientific discovery, and inspire the Artemis Generation. 

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