Mark Rober Says That This Drone Will Change Everything

Mark Rober highlights the revolutionary effects of Zipline technology in Rwanda in his most recent video which has already received 9 million views! The video showcases the rising popularity of drone delivery technology and how it could revolutionize how items are delivered around the world. 

Rober is widely recognized for his videos on DIY gadgets and popular science. Prior to becoming a YouTube celebrity, Mark spent seven of his nine years as a NASA engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory working on the Curiosity rover. He then spent four years designing products for Apple’s Special Projects Group, where he also wrote patents on virtual reality in self-driving cars. 

Rwanda was the first country where Zipline launched its operations in 2016, delivering blood and medication to hospitals using drones. This saved many lives in Rwanda and transformed how blood is delivered to hospitals in rural areas in Rwanda.

The partnership between Rwanda and Zipline is a testament to the transformative power of technology in improving people’s lives!

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