Long Time No See Bluetooth 5.0 CD Player

1990s-inspired but up to date on its sound quality, this portable stereo CD player recalls the personal CD players of a bygone era. 

The NINM Lab Long Time No See Bluetooth 5.0 CD Player comes with two covers, a clear one that allows you to see the CD spin as it plays, and a black one that includes a built-in speaker that lets you project sound with no additional devices needed. Its square body has a built-in magnet that lets you position it upright or attach it to a metal wall or shelf for better display. 

Best of all, this personal CD player can be paired with any Bluetooth speaker or headphones, eliminating the need to carry a vintage pair of headphones with you when you use it—though, of course, for the old-school, a standard 3.5mm audio jack can be used for a wired connection.

Order HERE for $140.

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